Thursday, April 19, 2007

A very good place to start

So I'll start from the very beginning, which (according to Fraulein Maria) is a very good place to start.

Back in 2004, over 300 residents, business owners and the like came together to update the Donelson-Hermitage Community Plan. The metro planning commission adopted the plan in October of 2004. According to the metro planning website:

Community plans establish a clear vision of the kind of place
the community wants to be in the future balanced with sound
planning principles to accommodate growth.

Inside the Donelson-Hermitage Community Plan they created the Hermitage Detailed Neighborhood Design Plan, which is “for smaller neighborhoods in the community that members believe need more study.”

Over the last three years, the Donelson-Hermitage Community Plan, according to my sources in the community, has been continually overlooked. Meaning, the plan that over 300 residents spent some five months creating has been ignored.

WHY? Now, I am a sensible person, and I know that things happen and plans get changed, but continually?

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