Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Community holds its own meeting

So after the council meeting we spent hours and hours creating more flyers (we had previously put out 300 or so to alert people of the public hearing) to inform people that we (hosted by Hermitage Meadows) were holding a community meeting.

Oh and we also put up 7 signs alerting people of the community meeting.

The purpose of OUR meeting was to inform the residents of the issues and ask that they contact the council members. We filled up the Hermitage Police Precinct. And, guess who also showed up? Our councilman, the Pardue Posse and their friends. They wanted to take full advantage of the hard work that we spent getting so many residents together. Unfortunately, they just couldn’t get the residents to see their side.

Chris and Travis Pardue pulled me aside as they were walking out the door. They were willing to try and make a two story building work if we would agree to let them move it to the center of the property. I agreed even though I believed that we should stick with the sub-area plan that calls for a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood—not a car-oriented building. But, hey the sub-area plan also calls for a “small” building, which this is not. So I said that we’d definitely be willing to talk about putting it in the center of the lot if they’d reduce it to a two story building.

That’s the resolution that we left with. The builders were going to run numbers and see if they could make a two story building work.

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