Saturday, May 12, 2007

May 7

At Harold’s community meeting he asked me if anyone else was going to show up. My reply was that we didn’t have time to get people together.

Besides it was his meeting shouldn’t he put out signs and flyers, etc like we did?

White told us that we were not there to negotiate. My reply was, “then, why am I here? Why didn’t you just send me an email that says ‘this is what we are doing and you have no say-so.’ Why are you wasting my time?” At this point I am totally fed up with this fucking bullshit!! And, that’s what it is!!!

Council Lady Tucker and her husband came in at the end and she heard Harold say again that we weren’t there to negotiate. She has been a great help to us!! She has given lots of advice and we GREATLY APPRICIATE her help!!!

I know that there are other good council members like Council Lady Tucker, but Harold White and J.B. Loring sure are making the whole council look bad.

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