Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Council Debates Part I

Mr. Loring was very adamant that the council should approve that night!!

Mr. Loring started out telling the council that:

“This location is a, in my opinion, a suitable location for this building, for this medical building. It is diagonally across the street from the Summit Medical Hospital….”

This is like saying that Nashville’s Hard Rock Café is diagonally across the street from the GEC (Nashville Arena). Then he goes on to tell about the other buildings around the area:

“…right directly across the street, almost directly, is a grocery store. Right next door is another commercial building. Diagonally across the other corner is the community center, the library and the police station. So this is all a commercial area. Going toward the Summit Hospital of course you have many buildings that house the orthopedic surgeons, the doctors, medical doctors, the eye clinics.”
First of all the grocery store has been there for something like 45 years. It is not a three story medical building.

Next door to Benson's is a small one story CPA firm.

The community center, police station and library are down the road--another analogy--this would be like saying that Tooties is "diagonally across" from the Big River Grill.

And, I can assure you that traveling from this property towards the Summit that there ar NO doctor's buildings in between.

Council Lady Tucker speaks and wants her vote of NO to be known:

"It really bothers me that over and over again we are seeing community plans made, developed by constituent participation and we look at them and say ‘Oh, but we’re going to disregard it in this instance because such and such needs to happen.’ If a community plan is developed and the people take their time to come out and develop it then we ought to honor it. It ought to be honored or it ought to not happen because it’s a farce and it’s almost like an old bait and switch game from what happens. If you are going to get something approved on one end and it meets the characteristics and qualifications for that approval and then we go on the other end as soon as it’s approved and change the format of it we’ve not really been completely truthful with the constituents…”

Tucker makes another great statement:

“We either need to be real with the people and say we’re either going to
follow the plan or we’re not gonna follow the plan and there’s no need for
you to come to the process.”


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