Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Council Debates Part II

Council Lady Tucker should be quoted again:
“We either need to be real with the people and say we’re either going to follow the plan or we’re not gonna follow the plan and there’s no need for you to come to the process.”

Then Councilman Jamie Isabel called for “previous question”. This means that no one else can make comments about this issue unless it is a point of order.

Then, they vote on “previous question”. In this instance AYE 19, No 15. You must have 2/3 vote to pass. So “previous question” failed. Thankfully!

So more discussion…
Mr. Coleman asks if the citizens had a chance to weigh in on this issue at the planning commission meeting.

The answer from Rick Bernhart (head of planning commission) was "yes".

At 4:00pm when most of us are at work.

Mr. Coleman then asked Loring if a community meeting was held, and Loring said, “White did hold community meetings.”

Hmm… that implies that more than one was held. We later found out that to serve as the "communtiy meeting" Mr. White and the developers rented a tent and put it beside the bait shop. The only notification was in “The News Herald”. The News Herald is a free paper that covers, Donelson, Hermitage and Old Hickory. It is not delivered to Hermitage Meadows, where I live, along with 115 other homeowners. The notification of the meeting was in the paper on the day of the meeting. Pastor David Taft told us that “The News Herald” was delivered to his church at 4:30pm the day of the meeting. The meeting was at 6:30pm. Too bad he didn’t have a chance to read it that day. Maybe he could have canceled his plans and attended the "community meeting."

Then, Coleman asked if Loring would consider to pass on 2nd (reading) and defer the 3rd reading to get some issues resolved.
Then, Loring tries to convince Colman that now is the time to pass this bill. He says that he’s been to the location of this proposed building many, many times and,

"it’s not a location that’s pedestrian friendly in the first place. It’s all business and doctor’s buildings and the hospital.”

Well, now I must STRONGLY disagree. The medical building will be in the back yard of these houses.

This picture speaks for itself.

Coleman suggests again to approve on 2nd and defer the 3rd reading. He explains that Loring and White could get with the community so that it wouldn’t seem like there was some unfairness.

Loring goes on again….

“I want to pass this on 2nd reading. There has been ample public hearings."

Coleman makes a motion to defer. It was seconded.

Then more discussion. Councilman Alexander asked if Loring had attended any of these community meetings.

“Only one...” Loring replied.

Alexander said,

“…I wish Councilman White would actually bring a bill up here that is not controversial in nature. I think it would disregard everything that they (us, the communtiy members) have mentioned if we move for approval."
Then Loring moved to table the motion of deferal and says,

“There’s a lot of work that has gone into this project. It’s not new and my understanding is that councilman White has had community meetings. And like I
said the planning commission approved this project. It’s located right in the heart of a medical district.” He goes on to say that “there’s no homes that I know of from Lebanon Road all the way to the interstate except for apartment houses…”
1. He's never had a community meeting where he properly alerted the community.

2. It is not located in the heart a fucking medical district!!!!! (I am getter madder each time I read these lies.

3. What about my home? What about Bobbie Forrest's home? What about the home with the swingset in the back yard? What about these homes, Mr. Loring? You've been here "many, many times" and you didn't see the rock house that Jane Garner lives in that's DIRECTLY Across the street from this lot?

Coleman comes back again and reiterates that in fairness let’s defer it.
“If it’s good now then it will be good at the next meeting.”

They voted. And it was defered.

Whew…. For my first council meeting that was a doozy!!

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